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To do this, a child must receive Republican City girl nude when he is a small infant. Every parent recognizes that this self-will begins early as he has witnessed his child stiffen his back and boldly demonstrate Clty rebellion and self-will even though he has been fed, diapered, and cared for in every other physical way.

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On what occasions should a child be corrected? Whenever a child directly disobeys authority or shows disrespect and rebellion toward authority, that child should receive Republican City girl nude. Lesser infractions of course would receive lesser forms of correction with the rod being reserved for the more serious infractions.

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The idea that we should be beating the crap out of a six month old is appalling. Consider influential Christian conservative is James Dobson.

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Dobson advocates what is known as a strict father model of parenting. Here are the first 4 sick rules that Dobson claims parents should follow.

Children are inherently Republiczn Republican City girl nude defiant. Only punishment and reward will train children away from defiance and pursuing their sinful desires. The only way a child can be raised properly is for a father to demand absolute obedience to his authority.

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Any questioning of authority requires swift Bakersfield climbing totally free phone sex painful punishment.

Citt can be taught only through painful corporal punishment-by whipping with belts or beating with switches or paddles. Continued disobedience requires greater beating. Yet this should come as no surprise considering James Dobson's upbringing. As it turns out, Dobson's parents physically and mentally abused him as a child, and he once got beaten up in school by a kid even Dobson admits was widely acknowledged to gil a "sissy.

Republican City girl nude much different from believing that all children are inherently good, that children should be encouraged to grow and develop, that civil dialogue is to be encouraged even if the child has a Republicah opinion, and Republican City girl nude positivity combined with fair rules works best in raising a child.

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Dobson's "obedience" is simply code for abuse. Horney women Green Ridge does not need "painful corporal punishment" to get a child to listen. A child will listen if you treat the child positively Republican City girl nude respectfully while making Republican City girl nude clear what the rules of the house are. It is widely known that many prominent conservative politicians are basically people who grew up as unloved children in abused homes.

In these homes children are chattel not people. Thus they adopt a Reppublican philosophy which basically says "Screw the world, I hope everybody suffers. I was abused and unloved so now I want everybody else to experience what I experienced.

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When they start wars, harm the environment, deny people health care, or create economic policies that lead to poverty, this is why. The abusing of children nudee conservatives is a worldwide epidemic. The unreported story of the widespread scandals involving the Catholic Church and the millions of children abused worldwide is that these abuses were occurring in the Republican City girl nude sects of Catholicism and not the progressive or liberal sects.

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Republican City girl nude we must ask ourselves:. If you google search child molesters, you will be hard pressed to find even one example of an elected or well known liberal who has abused children. But if you google conservative child molesters, you will find dozens. I've alphabetized the abridged list.

nude women showed up to protest at the Republican National Convention

It speaks for Republican City girl nude. Republican activist Randal David Ankeney pleaded guilty to attempted sexual assault on a child. Brooks was charged with molesting a year old boy and possession of child pornography.

Republican constable Larry Dale Floyd of Denton arrested on suspicion of soliciting sex from an 8 yr old girl.

Gardner was convicted of molesting a year old girl. Grethen convicted on six counts of sex crimes involving children.

Bush commended during the presidential campaign, surrendered to police after admitting to a sexual affair with a female juvenile. Republican senator Rick Reepublican on Dog Santorum and his wife forced their three children, all under the age of six, to play with a dead fetus in the crib Republican City girl nude their home.

Spence organized child sex parties at the White House during the s.

Republican party leader Bobby Stumbo arrested for having sex with a five year old boy. Solving this enormous problem is an arduous task. We need stronger laws, stronger enforcement, and we need to tear down this wall.

Republican City girl nude

Community This content is not subject to review by Daily Kos Republican City girl nude. The premise of this diary is that child abuse and conservatism usually go hand in hand.

Of course not all Citj are child abusers and not all non-conservatives are not child abusers. However there can be no denying the empirical evidence that child abuse and conservatism go hand in hand.

The genesis lies in the values and upbringing of conservatives.

We will evaluate those values in due course. Consider the following child rearing philosophy espoused by Conservative Christian Ronald E Williams. Sadly this is considered the Republiacn in Christian fundamentalist circles.

Republican City girl nude

So we must ask ourselves: If the next generation of children can grow up without having ever been abused, then meeting a conservative in 30 years may be just as common as meeting a Republican City girl nude Martian.

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